Bulletins and Papers


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  • The Surrealists and Situationists on the Subversion of Art, Culture, and Modern Society: Two Entwined Critiques (1976)by Kathy Kundalini (1974)
  • The Phenomenology of Insurrection: The Collapse of Sartrean Existentialism in the Face of Real Historyby Kathy Kundalini (1974)
  • Anton Pannekoek's Conception of Worker's Councils (1975)by Kathy Kundalini (1974)
  • The Failure of Demythologized Christainity in Dostoyevsky's "The Brothers Karamozov"by Kathy Kundalini (1974)
  • Commodities and Communism: Preface to A Preface to a Critique-in-Acts of Political Economyby Kathy Kundalini (1973)

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